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How has this pandemic affected you?


The best word to describe this COVID-19 pandemic would be unimaginable. I don’t believe anyone ever imagined that in the midst of this new year we would be in a pandemic. Honestly still shocked by the idea because this hasn’t occurred in our lifetime. Think about it we’ve only watched movies and heard stories of the effects a very contagious disease can have on the world. But, actually living through one and the daily life one has during this pandemic is crazy at the very least. I mean compared to the movies and shows that we watched giving us a description of what the world would be during a pandemic it’s nothing short of what it has been depicted. Seeing people rush to stores and get all their essential items. Witnessing countless individuals become fired from their jobs. Seeing schools shut down and transform to virtual learning and lastly seeing hospitals look like war-zones with the amount of infected within the hospital and limited supplies. All giving glimpses of a movie like scenario.

On a more personal note, this pandemic has affected my life and the lives of many to an extreme. For starters, I never imagined that I would have to finish my first year of college from home. Transitioning to virtual forms of learning was overwhelming and brought anxiety. With all the emails rapidly stockpiling, creating situations in my head related to the test and assignments, wondering how my internet would reflect my learning and most importantly how my grades were going to change due to this new transition. So emotionally this pandemic affected me in the sense of creating more stress and discomfort to my daily life.

Physically, this pandemic has altered everyone’s daily life. Restaurants are closed except for ones that have drive-thru or carryout. No one is allowed to go out unless it’s for groceries, work or doctor related. Social events are all closed to the public and everyone is practicing social distancing. It’s honestly stunning to say the very least that this is our daily life. We aren’t allowed to be in large crowds, social events are closed, small stores are closing and everyone seems to be on edge about getting this contagious virus. Personally, I nor anyone in my family is allowed to go see my grandmother in hopes of her not getting COVID-19. Which is so sad and heartbreaking but at the end of the day I know it is for the best. I also got to celebrate my 19thbirthday just a week ago. It was nothing big of course considering I am not allowed to just hang out with my friends or go out. I spent my birthday at home doing homework and spending time with my siblings. It wasn’t a bad birthday but it was an odd one compared to all the other birthdays I’ve had before.

I never imagined that I would be writing my personal experience during a pandemic. Everything I am describing feels like it would come from a movie or book giving a personal narrative. Everyone seemed so unprepared for this situation. It’s very clear to say that this pandemic has certainly opened my eyes to reality. It helped me rekindle my relationship with my family. The whole situation also helped me understand what I deem important in my life. A realization that life is short and it can change in an instant therefore it is best to live life out to the best of our ability and more importantly to remain hopeful no matter what.

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