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COVID-19 Reflection

April 22, 2020

What are you doing to cope with the pandemic?   Living in social isolation has been a huge adjustment for most everyone adhering to it, myself included. I went from living on campus and seeing people every day to seeing … Read more

Week 11: “Extended Spring Break”

March 23, 2020

When I was first assigned to write a blog post for this week, I was pretty relieved not to have the challenge of writing about English 105 class over spring break. Thanks to COVID-19, I now have to get a … Read more

Can Weight-Loss Surgery Change Your Body and Your Brain?

February 12, 2020

Research has found that obesity leads to the degeneration of white matter (WM) and gray matter (GM) in the brain; this has implications for body movement and sensation, as well as a person’s impulse control (Papageorgiou et al. 2006). In … Read more