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A “Soldier’s Home” Video Essay

April 24, 2020

Transcript: War has lasting effects on both the people and cities it raids through. It is a simple word that is associated with extensive disruption. Harold Krebs, a soldier during World War I, experiences this first hand. Ernest Hemingway, in … Read more

Devil In Disguise

April 24, 2020

  Video Script: “Where are You Going, Where Have You Been” is a short story by Joyce Carol Oates about a young girl Connie who is plagued with vanity and selfishness.  One night this young teen meets a mysterious new … Read more

Essence and Existence in “The Wall”

April 24, 2020

Transcript: The story is set in the midst of the Spanish Civil War. Pablo Ibbieta is a revolutionary who is caught and sentenced to death. While he awaits his demise in prison, he contemplates his own death and struggles to … Read more

Puzzle without a Picture

April 23, 2020

“The Purloined Letter” by Edgar Allan Poe. Look at this puzzle piece. It contains so many intricate details but no context as to what the bigger picture may be. Without a reference picture one would not be able to determine … Read more