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Fifth Week of Class Overview

February 10, 2020

Conjunctions? Verb agreement? Ellipsis? The world of grammar offers so much insight, alongside the many questions that come along with the proper usage of grammar. The first half of this week of class consisted of grammar rules. The main purpose … Read more

Fourth Week of Class Overview

February 2, 2020

With our final Feeder assignment for this unit close to finished, the class moved towards a more specific focus on what kind of form our final product, a popular article reporting the results of a recent scientific study, should take. … Read more

Third Week of Class Overview

January 27, 2020

Going into the third week of class, it seemed as if everyone, including Professor Blom, was finally starting to get into their grooves. Everyone seemed to be comfortable with each other and we began to lose that staleness in the … Read more

Second Week of Class Overview

January 20, 2020

As we left the first week of class behind, we diverged from basic topics and began to dig into the specific class content and activities.    Tuesday’s class consisted of a deeper dive into our assigned readings from the Tar … Read more

First Week Overview

January 13, 2020

Our first class was very stereotypical: the usual syllabus review and introduction of classmates. Mr. Blom also discussed the course overview and expectations for the upcoming semester. Attendance is very important. Since we only have this class twice a week … Read more